January 27, 2021

Is Life Black And White?

Megan MacLeod

PhotographyIs life black and white?, 2021

Another way to phrase this would be; ‘Is life so simple?’

Personally, I think life thrives through colour, you can’t just always turn to two answers, right or wrong, yes or no. there is always a bigger picture whether you like it or not. Everyone is different in their own ways, there isn’t the perfect person, people expect others to be the perfect person, the perfect image but everyone has their flaws and that’s what makes us human.

Life would be boring if we were all the same, if life was black and white. Humans succeed through colour we need it in our lives if not we are just puppets. You see more in colour than you could ever see in black and white. I hope for everyone to be able to see equality through vibrant colours and leave black and white viewing in the past.