April 30, 2021

‘Is Laughter The Best Medicine?’

Pam Thompson

Coloured Pencil And A Bit Of Acrylic Paint In a Few Areas. Caran D Ache Coloured Pencils, Fabre Castellated Polychromos, Acrylic paint, Pastelmat Board.The Legend That Is Boaby The Barman, 202135 cm x 25cm (A3)

Is laughter the best medicine? In my opinion, it really helps you to cope with the various issues life throws at you. I chose to draw a character from Still Game, the fantastic Scottish comedy never fails to make me chuckle, no matter how many times I rewatch them. The ending did make me cry and I’m sure it’s the case for many, I miss watching new episodes. I chose Boaby because I wanted to capture his unique character, Gavin was happy for me to draw the legendary character he plays and I feel the drawing will make people smile. Why is laughter so important? I’ve faced a number of difficult years recently, I’ve been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis as well as a brain tumour in the motor strip of my brain. I had to have an awake brain operation, during which I chatted and made the surgical team laugh. I get through life with humour, typical Scottish humour. While shielding art really became so important getting me though staying at home and staying safe. I love to draw animals in poses that makes me smile and people, like Billy Connolly who you can’t help but laugh at.