January 15, 2020

Is it wrong to look to the past?

Joanna Caskie, 43

My small sculptures of cottages, tin sheds and tumble down houses are inspired by the ruins, abandoned houses and sometimes much loved and lived in houses I see around Scotland, and in particular my local landscape of the Inner Hebrides. I see these old buildings and make cute, pretty, verging on perfect structures, imagining a story of crafts people, family groups, farmers and fishers living inside. Sometimes I am aware I am trying to create an ideal interpretation of a past that may not have really existed. A romantic scene of a way of life I see slipping away. But is it wrong to look to the past and try to seek out the best bits? In these environmentally and socially difficult times should we all be looking to the past for better ways of living? So, I will probably continue to make slightly cute and slightly pretty sculptures, using my imagination to pick out the beauty I see in these falling-apart buildings. And I will happily imagine the residents of these buildings working hard in their homes and landscape.

Pink Door, 2019Mixed Media20cm x 20cm x 15cm