October 29, 2019

Is it time to realise the power of thought?

Ellie Buchanan, 22

This collection of poems explores the power of having an acute awareness of our thoughts and beliefs and aims to emphasise the importance of this, through the idea that the patterns we see in our environment are also reflected in our own true nature. I believe that, as our environment and wild land is being widely neglected, it is important for people to respect it as a teacher and to start looking deeper into this precious place for encouragement inspiration and learning.
I am a rock climber , climbing coach , and have studied in CBT and Mickel Therapy ( both of which aim to retrain your brain to fight against both mental and physical illnesses. ) Through this, as well as through my own personal experience with long term illness, climbing and numerous near death experiences I have had powerful insights into the increadible strength and freedom we have over our thoughts and hope to share the importance of this concept.