July 30, 2020

Is it time to drink the bleach yet?

Heather Roberts, 32

Two years after my divorce, on what would have been my seventh anniversary… using dark humour as a form of resilience to explore and expel pain, I marked the occasion with self portraits. My modern tip of the hat to the strength and endurance of the working class women who preceded me and drowned their woes in bathtub gin, I took to the bath for the shoot. Covid-19 has affected people in different ways, with many turning their confinement at home into an endless playtime, regressing to the distractions of childhood or over indulging in a never ending house parties. But what sort of toll does it take on us to be at a party that no one ever comes to and that never seems to ends? Reflecting on the parallels of this global pandemic and my marriage and psychological effects they have had, I wonder if I had not escaped the destructive environment of one would I at this moment be inclined to carry out Trump’s terrible advice and be thinking, is it time to drink the bleach yet?

Is it time to drink the bleach yet?, 2020Photography