January 8, 2020

Is it that I am blind or can I just not see?

Colin Campbell, 56

This play came out of me after years of frustration with myself and, I suppose, others. I had worked in a residential school for young adults and was constantly stunned at how hopeless life was for many of them. As a young man myself, I was sure life gets better for everyone. With age comes reality. With age comes guilt. Haunted by images and stories from those days, this play formed. We should all be aware of how hard life can be. That is easy for me to say as I am lucky to have comfort and safety and love. Just existing is a triumph for some. Ned in the play is no one in particular, yet every boy I knew in that school. Fear is something most of us only experience fleetingly. Fear can be a constant which moulds every single day for some. I hope my work makes that fear real to you and that maybe one more of us will open our eyes.