August 4, 2020

Is it Safe Out There?

Arthur Johnson, 26

This is a story of social anxiety. A fictionalisation of personal experience. One in which the film’s introverted title character, Mark, must weigh up the choice of avoiding people and remaining ‘safe’, or taking the plunge and attempting to make a human connection. By living within his comfort zone, Mark will avoid potential embarrassment and an awkward moment, but he will also elongate the term of his loneliness. The danger of avoiding social situations, is that fear may prevent you from experiencing some of life’s most rewarding aspects. Like the feeling of clicking with someone who understands you or shares your sense of humour. Everyone longs for it, even if we don’t always know how to obtain it. Despite its surreal façade, this film’s strength comes from its relatability. Social anxiety is an issue which a lot of people suffer through and thus the film’s theme resonates with many viewers. While I am no expert, the observation I want to make is that a risk in the short-term is worth it for the possibility of long-term benefit. Discovering the courage to reach out can be an enormous undertaking but doing so holds the potential to change a person’s life.

Mark at the Supermarket, 2020Film