December 10, 2019

Is It Really True That Whit’s For Ye’ll No’ Go By Ye?

Louise Granger, 36

Can we ever truly escape the lives that we were born into, or must we forever be bound by the constraints of our past? ‘The Other Half’ is a feature length script that explores this question through the eyes of Connor Brady, a 17-year-old, working class petty thief from Drumchapel, Glasgow, who is forced to make tough choices in order to pursue his dream of studying medicine at the University of Glasgow. Also acting as a carer for his drug-addicted father, Frank, and as a surrogate father figure for younger sister Kerry, Connor believes that he can fix all of the Brady family’s problems if he can just make it to University. Faced with prejudice on both sides of the social divide, however, Connor knows that breaking down these barriers is crucial if he is to make it. I wrote this story in order to try and answer questions that have always concerned me: who gets to decide who we become? Do we get to decide this for ourselves, or is it others’ perceptions and assumptions about us, based on our social and economic class, that end up shaping and moulding our futures?

The Other Half, 2019Feature Script100 Pages