January 31, 2019

Is it possible to skip your childhood?

Kez McNeill


In my work, I set out to investigate a very sensitive area of Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN): the idea that it is possible to miss out on having a childhood because we are trying to act in a specific way and feel forced to grow up fast due to a lack of emotional empathy as young children.
This is a topic that I am personally very conscious of and have written my article to try to raise awareness for both parents and young people who it is affecting. I truly believe CEN does not tend to be deliberate but unfortunately it can lead to catastrophic consequences, for example in my case I suffered massively from depression and anxiety which lead to a battle with self-harm and later attempts to take my own life.
I have been very lucky to now be in a safe place where I can understand to some extent why I felt how the way I did, and I want to help others in a similar place and give parents a slight rein check to try and avoid the situation which I was unfortunate enough to be in.


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