February 1, 2020

Is it possible to live without a mother’s love?

Mugdha Desai


I lost my mother 4 years ago to chronic kidney disease, extremely common and treatable with a transplant. Tests were being done, dad was found to be a matching donor, mom was put on dialysis and all seemed to move in direction of a successful kidney transplant. It was diagnosed on 18th October 2015. She died on 18th March 2016 due to a brain haemorrhage. No kidney transplant. 6 months. I was only 20. Since then, I became the General Secretary of my university, graduated as a physiotherapist with honours, worked with some of the best athletes, landed a post graduate course in sports medicine at the University of Glasgow. All without a mother’s love. An orphan might have a different answer to this question. Someone who knows what a mother’s love is will tell you a different story all together. I can vouch for “You realise a value, when you’ve lost it”. Then again, my life has gone ahead the same way as it would have if my mother was still alive. I’m not saying I didn’t lose anything. But I seem to ask myself one thing repeatedly. Am I paying a cost of the lost mother’s love?