April 30, 2020

Is it possible to know a subject in its entirety?

Zoe Kennington

A Collection of Interrelated Flash FictionThe Crevasse,

In a world where an entire world’s worth of knowledge is perpetually at your fingertips, is it possible to truly understand something from every possible angle? Everyone’s minds work differently, and there are thousands of different ways to understand and solve any given problem. The world is an impossibly complex place, and new discoveries are made on a near-daily basis; with all that information out there, it can be difficult to truly say you can know everything about everything. But what about knowing everything about just one thing? Is that a dream that can be attained? In “The Crevasse”, seven very different people come to their own conclusions about a single topic using the information available to them: there is overlap in their conclusions, but each pursues the truth in their own fashion and their perception of the matter is unique. None of them quite manage to comprehend the topic in every possible way, but their collective story paints a more accurate tale than what any one of them could manage alone.