April 27, 2021

‘…Is It Possible To Have Enough Time ? …’

Susan Mosedale

WatercolourA Fleeting Moment, 202150x75cm

Birth to death and the time between on the rollercoaster of life. Joy, happiness, and sorrow can unite or destroy our connections. Who we love and who loves us, unconditional love or negative love, the strength of a parents love. Our time is fleeting ! Until we are gone dispersed in the wind. Pre and post COVID some people are valued by wealth and power ignoring that our time is limited. The connections we make and our emotional relationships are truly what should be valued, not dismissed. Will post COVID reset the balance or will it exacerbate this disconnection ? I don’t have the answer ! Looking forward to reconnecting with my family and friends, valuing them, they’re precious to me. Let us moved forward, laugh more, smile more and yes, cry when we need to !