January 24, 2020

Is It Just Me?

Natalie Peteranna, 22

“Is it Just Me?” is a poem about cycles of rejection and how it can impact your self-worth. To convey the pattern of hope, rejection and hope again, this poem uses the imagery of a sturdy tweed jacket. This jacket appears strong before it is completely unravelled, disregarded and then eventually sewn together again. Cycles of rejection occur in many everyday situations such as failing to find a job, an inability to find a partner, isolation within a friend group or feeling ostracised from society. At each stage of the process, you are asked how you feel. The questions are used as a direct address to make you feel singled out. This is intentional, as it replicates the lonely effect rejection has on individuals. However, as you progress through the poem you circle back to the title, “Is It Just Me?”. In this cycle, you are reminded that many others are struggling in their personal ruts. As the last stanza closes, the voice laments that they will persevere for as long as it takes. I hope that you will too.

Is it Just Me?, 2020Poetry