January 31, 2020

Is it just me?

Sarah Baganz, 33

Sometimes I feel cheated by meditation. To be honest, I am not the best in doing it persistently, more like in chunks. I do guided meditation which last for a few weeks and that is the duration that my attention span can last as well … most of the times. The thing is, in very rare occasions, towards the beginning of the practice, one of my meditation sessions allows me, unexpectedly, to enter a space which lets go of my physical boundaries. I rest in expansiveness and calmness, but my mind is clear and awake. Now that I have experienced that treat once, I will not experience it again accidentally. Now, I have to work hard for it through persistence in practising meditation and following the instructions diligently with focus and without a wavering mind. And maybe… maybe, maybe… I will glimpse that space again.

Deep sea, 2020Digital art29.7 cm x 42 cm