January 31, 2020

Is it ever a good idea to go on the run from the law when you’re pregnant?

Zoe Hunter

ScreenplayJimmy's Fix, 2020

I wanted to write a screenplay that I would both want to watch and be in; a film with a female protagonist where the underdog becomes top ‘bitch’ and victim becomes heroine. I desire to draw hope and laughter from the darkest of tales and for women to come out on top. The subject matter is serious and comes from a place of personal experience. However, this is not my story, it is a work of fiction – a dark, fantastical, comical and sometimes whimsical work of truthful fiction. The darkly comedic framing hangs a story of two fragile characters who have lived, are still living, through personal nightmares. Against the odds, they rise to the occasion to fight their own, and each other’s, corner. The underlying themes are complex but clear: the oppression of women under crushing male egos, the poor treatment of victims of domestic violence and sexual assault by the justice system, pregnancy, small town communities and, most importantly, female solidarity and friendship. Think Thelma and Louise meets Sightseers but in Scotland… and they do drive off together into the sunset. No guarantee of a happy ever after, but at least there is the opportunity for one.