January 28, 2022

Is It Easier to Be More Truthful with Others than Ourselves Because We Don’t Pay Attention to Who We Really Are?

Corin Graham

Hypnagogic, 2022

Hypnagogic is written to express a combination of that state and those of depression. Honesty, my chosen value, stems from my desire to be and seek truth. A desire arisen by past lessons while surrounded by dishonesty and being dishonest myself. As my evolution progresses, I found a calm within empty states of depression that feel identical to hypnagogia experienced upon waking and falling asleep. Those moments in which I feel authentic in a way I rarely do, my un-circumstantial self so to speak. This being the truest versions of self and that which we should embrace rather than the circumstantial version we slip into while experiencing waking life. In practice, I’ve found clarity and ease therefore aspire to enlighten others to this practice. We are the ultimate truth that we ourselves are entirely responsible for. The accompanying image I chose relates to this concept. In a true moment of creation, a flow materialises and everything else becomes vague. I recall this while painting this image moreover upon completion as when I view it, I see a version of myself I created really seeing me. Much like the many versions we have of ourselves looking for support from our “Oversoul”.