November 15, 2020

Is it better to start somewhere than nowhere at all?

Vincent Deighan | Zoë Bestel, 23 | Matthew Golem, 42

Video time-lapse, digital painting, musical recording and composition.Study 12, 2020

‘Study12’ of my isolation series: I started this project, and digital painting in general, at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown. Partly to structure a routine for myself in response to the abrupt arrest of normality, but equally to contribute something to the creative surge of online camaraderie that was helping housebound people feel inspired and engaged in a time of unprecedented social separation. In the spirit of accessibility I wanted to open up the process of what I was doing, showing the various steps of creation rather than just the end result. A time-lapsed observational drawing of Dolores O’Riordan was the perfect subject to set to Zoë’s cover of ‘Zombie’. Together they demonstrated the value of working from source material as a good access point across two distinct crafts. Furthermore, they illustrated that collaboration across disciplines and/or with a close friend, can ease the daunting task of getting started. And finally, they had the magic measure of originality with the mass appeal of pop culture iconography. When Matthew Golem, a complete stranger, contacted Zoë with a viola-sketch of his own composition, the three formed an artwork that had become the very ideal that it originally set out to foster.