October 28, 2020

Is it better to break away or join together as one beautiful painting?

June Imrie

PenCan we truly stand alone?, 20206 by 6 inches

As a human race we have become very separate and disconnected from others. However, many don’t realise we are similar to jigsaw pieces, cut into a variety of shapes, with each piece being individually unique to the next. And like each jigsaw piece, we vary in shapes and sizes but, we also come from different cultures, speak different languages, have varying abilities and a wonderful palette of skin colours. We often loose sight of each others beauty and what we can create together. However, when we come together, like the pieces of a jigsaw,our differences are no longer seen and we slot into place, with each other, perfectly, like a jigsaw puzzle, to create and reveal a wonderful picture. My drawing captures the fragmented pieces of the human race, flying in the air from no-where but, drawn to each other by a unseen force, joining together to make a beautiful picture. Can you imagine how this would be in reality, globally?