Documentary filmOn the Street- Is it Art?, 2020

I believe that all art stems from a personal desire to communicate a unique zeal and emotion to others and in so doing transform that singular emotion into a shared experience. ‘On The Street’ highlights three individuals who chose to communicate a distinct and personal passion by presenting it to an audience in the ultimate art gallery that is the city streets. In my film I explore why these individuals wanted to share their passion, the courage it took them to be so open and vulnerable to strangers and what was their reward (if any) for sharing. We meet a man who shares his lifelong devotion to birds of prey, a woman that shares her bond of affection with dogs and finally we see the impact an anonymous sculptor has on a local community. I am hoping to develop this theme into a larger project in which we will explore other unusual forms of street performers who display their passions ‘On The Street’ for the principal purpose of sharing with others.