October 30, 2019

Is it always wrong to reject your child?

Keith Hill, 61

This story is loosely based on real-life events I witnessed as a health professional. At the time I maintained a professional façade but inwardly I condemned the father for his actions. In retrospect I wonder whether he should have been praised for his honesty.

In British society it is generally expected that parents will be happy with pregnancy and the birth of a baby and will cope with any adversity. It must be very difficult for parents to voice concerns that contradict the expressed views of family, friends and professionals and in similar circumstances I wonder if many of us would hide our feelings.

In writing this story I was mindful of gender roles in parenting. I think it is surprising that the father rejects his baby but it would have been more shocking if the mother had done the same thing.
I hope the reader is left feeling optimistic about the future well being of the baby and his mother.

Had the story been written from the mother’s perspective she would acknowledge the challenges and rewards of caring for a child with a disability but her overwhelming emotion would have been that of unconditional love.

The Birth of my Son,