Short StoryHarry- A man less ordinary, 2021

Statement my entry is about diversity and the fact that it is acceptable to be different. Each person has individuality and uniqueness to contribute to society. People should not be judged either from appearances or behavior which is perhaps considered unusual or eccentric. Different does not necessarily mean dangerous. This entry demonstrates that as communities we should embrace diversity, gain understanding and learn and grow from the experiences of each other. Search out the real person. This story also exposes the challenge for the individual to be different and to be themselves. People draw conclusions about others and their behavior, placing their own interpretation on the situation often without checking the context. Communication, showing respect, talking and listening is at the heart of the story also. We can all learn from each other, whether younger or older members of a community. Being judgmental can be destructive. People make assumptions. It takes courage to stand up for oneself and to be different. The next part of the conversation needs to be about acceptance, valuing the difference in others and showing understanding. We all need to give each other hope and show kindness. (200)