September 30, 2019

Is it all just a dream?

Amy Wellcoat

Motion Graphic and AnimationDaffodils Motion Graphic, 2019

Through my own personal analysis of the poem ‘Daffodils’ by William Wordsworth, I feel that it narrates the poet having a vivid dream and suddenly waking up to reality. Watch as the ‘orb’ pulses and warps to the happenings within the dream, gradually becoming more intense and eventually its pops and dissolves away. The poet appreciates the dream even though it’s over, almost as if it’s an escape from reality. I feel like this is relatable to those who wish some things were just a dream, and those who wish their dreams were real. Yet maybe they are, or soon they will be. The dreamy music and calming visuals bring life to the narration of the poem, not only providing a relaxing sensation for the viewer but also a sense of hope and encouragement that one day your dreams will come true.