July 9, 2020

Is it a sin to fall for one’s ill-treatment when we are supposed to look after each other?

Aiste Banelyte

Performance, intermediaDualism (Exploration), 2020

Initially, Dualism (Exploration) came up as an idea of two artists seeking to explore the topic of dualism. The piece derives from personal experience as mental abuse survivor, it tells my journey of identity and sexuality reclaim, what happens after you got away from your abuser. We wanted to expose the narrative by combining opposite polarities of photography and music. Dorote composed and recorded a music piece based on the emotional graph of my self-portraiture work and improvised live alongside pre-recorded piece both sounding at the same time, creating new piece. My photographs were projected on live moving bodies as opposed to the prints hanging on the wall. Music, photography and performance engage with each other live on stage creating a unique piece. The performance examines and challenges variety of values: womanhood and growing up in patriarchal society; cultural differences, barriers faced as an expat; surviving abuse and what happens next; mental health, sexuality and identity; photography and music are questioned as mediums. My aim was never for people to completely understand the narrative that is told within the performance. Instead, I seek them to take time and experience it altogether. What they take from it is their own story.