October 12, 2021

Is Innocence Ours to Lose?

Ian Murphy

Spoken WordOld Rain, 2021

This story seeks to communicate a shared experience of many, that of the friction which emerges between parent and child with the coming of adulthood. The ritual of visiting the barber is universal, and there are few common scenarios as vulnerable as being at the mercy of a stranger with sharp scissors or, in this case, a razor blade. Witnessing how one’s father behaves towards another man is an often unwelcome insight into understanding the person we looked up to as a small child, an understanding corroded by the passage of youth. I wanted this story to address issues of respect and resentment as if two sides of one coin, written from dual perspectives, insofar as the narrative is from the point-of-view of the child, yet the author is now himself a father anticipating his own children’s awareness of his shortcomings as a human being. Presenting the story through the medium of audio affords an impact offered by sound design to emphasise the illusion of memory, be that reliable memory or not, realistic or not. In the end, all we are left with is the reverberation of our own lives and relationships long gone.