April 29, 2020

Is identity the fallen object – a hazzard in a social construction worksite?

Lee Kirk

PhotographBlasphemy Wood, 2017Multidimensional

Identity. Identity is the anchor that grounds any person in western society. The essence of expressing individuality though any means. How you style your hair, how wear the shirt, shoes, how you walk, talk, exchange words you specifically shape with tone from your mouth. To the photograph on your passport – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all aspects of an inner identity: the actor, comedian, politician, musician, activist, fighter, lover, loner, parent. These aspects seems to be an important factor in today’s way of life. This isn’t a critique of social media. If anything social media in these troubling times is a lifeline. It just depends on how you identity with that as a platform. The photoart you’re looking at shows what happens when identity is lost. The image is a distortion / inverted from its original symmetry. The person / shape once had language, expression – its culture, heritage now exist as a smooth, almost varnished surface. It’s merged essentially. The merging of its environment. With too many ideas, too many notions of the ideas. Everything in the shape is a silent chaotic wonderful nothing. Maybe the design is showing that losing your identity is not a bad thing.