May 17, 2019

Is humour the best way to get through life?

Chloe Henderson, 26

Telling mythological, fantastical stories through my work has always been my main focus as an artist. Escapism is the core principal that my project encapsulates, and I aim to bring amusement through the bizarre to my audience.

My area of focus is centred around expanding the jewellery object into large-scale costumes and placing these into the context of filmed performance to create imaginative narratives. Within this I am crafting surreal humour and taking my visual inspiration from jellied, translucent sea creatures to grow the oozing blue aesthetics of my wearable objects.

I have created a narrative that centres around distinct characters. The Artist infects her victims, turning them into weird and wonderful human-animal hybrids: The Chimeras. The Artist posts details of these experiments on social media where she attracts the attention of The Filmmaker. The Filmmaker develops an obsession with The Artist. In his search for her he produces documentary style films in which he interviews The Chimeras about their metamorphosis.

The Chimera Artist

“Truly inspiring” – Tentacled Heroes Monthly
“Heart-warming, heart-breaking, and heart-wrenching” – Fish Lovers Periodical
“A must-see for all those who love a bit of fish on the side” – The Sunfish on Sunday

Find more of Chloe’s work here.