February 1, 2019

Is Humanity worth saving?

Kassidi Townsley, 23

My entry is important as with so much pain and destruction in the world it can be easy to get consumed with negativity. We may even ask ourselves; is humanity even worth saving? Like the main character I believe in my heart it is and that it all comes down to one core value that of belief. Humanity is a mess but there is good and bad in all of us and we all have the capacity to make a positive or negative impact in the world but we as a species love with our whole being and we believe in something greater than ourselves and that is why humanity is worth saving because each new day brings new life and new love and new hope. We may be not perfect and we may screw up and destroy the very earth that allows us to live but even now people are sacrificing to save it . Sacrifice and love, belief that we can be better that we will be better. Isn’t that why humanity is worth saving even if it means sacrifice?


The Ancestral Star