SculptureThere Is Always Hope, 2 Foot

2021 is making the book 1984 turn into reality I believe. We do not question anymore, just believe what we are told and comply. Like sheep. Through fear we all comply. Is this not how totalitarian stated are made? Do we really live in a democracy anymore? I don’t think so. The masses listen intently to the news and what’s happening on TV. Freedom of speech is being removed & social media shares no voice for the opinionated. I’m only very new to studying Art. I’ve only recently leant about Dada. The last of our freedom of speech can be conveyed through Art, I believe. Self isolation has taught me that there is hope, there is always hope. The Dadaist envisaged hope. They thought it idiotic the world in which they lived. I believe its our duty to be the Dadaist in our time.