April 30, 2021

‘Is Home Somewhere Physical Or A Inner Place In Our Minds?’

Joyce Davies

75 individual Acrylic Paintings On Acetate / Recorded Poetry (Title- All Is Well In My World)Doon The Hoose, 2021Installation (Greenhouse-Size Approx 2metres x 1metre x 2metres) - Normal Garden Size

The concept of “home” is deeply meaningful. It is a physical place in Shetland where I have lived for sixteen years. It is also Glasgow, where I was born and brought up. More importantly, “it is a inner place in my mind.” Feeling at home, for me, is a sense of well-being, no matter where I am. It is a place of safety, but for many sadly it can be a place of fear. In this installation, I am exploring my sense of home, inspired by the landscape of Shetland, my beliefs, well-being and my culture. The accompanying poetry explores that further, giving words to the images through exploring my life cycle so far and the life cycles of others. I want to bring attention to opportunity and discrimination, attachment in families, love and pain, cultural issues as well as how society provides for our most vulnerable. The Installation is a work of contrasts, of color and darkness, success and failure, life and death. Using a greenhouse to show my work during lockdown made it possible, whilst galleries were closed. It was however a time when we all needed Art to help us cope with the many challenges of lockdown.