Pencil and Chalk DrawingA Mother’s Love, 2021

Abortion is still a taboo subject in society today. Married with two beautiful children I found myself pregnant. What should’ve been a happy experience turned into an abortion that I have regretted the rest of my life. I was pressured and coerced into the decision and then my husband left me. Let me explain at the time it didn’t feel like this. I thought I was in a loving relationship. I was ashamed and didn’t tell anyone for a very long time.

I had to navigate these new emotions on my own. Now for many abortion can bring relief, I understand this. But for many they feel it is the only option at the time, leaving a huge hole and with no one to talk to, you can feel so alone. It was your choice after all! In society it is not spoken about openly, we still feel ashamed. You can almost feel guilty at times for crying as you didn’t miscarry you chose this…this drawing was my outlet for ‘a mothers love’

So I’m asking should we be allowed to grieve?

Is it ok to cry for the lost opportunity to love your baby?