July 3, 2021

Is Global Warming Our Most Significant Collective Challenge Yet?

Peter Lo

Oil PaintingThe Three Hot Sisters of Glencoe, 2021100 x 100 cm

As a fine artist I have been recently researching Antarctica and the benefit it has on global weather patterns and as a global carbon sink. This culminated in an exhibition entitled “Net Zero,” referring to net zero emissions, which is the ultimate aim of the UK government by year 2050. In painting scenes from Antarctica, this helped raise awareness of this shrinking ice mass and also to help raise funds for the 2041 Foundation, which has been setup by Robert Swan OBE, the first person in history to walk to both the North and South Poles. But as a proud Scot, I also wanted to do something more “local” to get this message across in relation to climate change. Therefore, “The Three Hot Sisters of Glencoe,” is the title of this oil painting which takes a very iconic Scottish scene and through its use of bursts of cadmium orange and red and the warm brown colours of the mountains, serve to take the temperature of this scene up; much like climate change is already doing. By painting this, I wanted to draw attention to climate change inaction. We must think globally, act locally and do it now.