September 4, 2019

Is Geometry the language that can unite us?

Lewis Deeney

Acrylic, Medium, Plaster, Pigment & Spraypaint on Board.Is Geometry the language that can unite us?, 201971x103cm

Geometry is our best attempt to logically understand the world around us, it is only when we reach a paradox or seemingly unsolvable problem that a subjective ending is reached, and the practice becomes spiritual and in turn, faith and religion are born. Geometry is at the very root of our being, utilised in countless ancient civilizations it is a universal language that transcends all religions, borders, race and beliefs and this is represented within the work. Intentionally subjective and mystifying, this piece allows the opportunity for your own philosophical response, opening the door for conversation about the metaphysical questions surrounding our existence and create a dialogue between individuals of differing backgrounds and beliefs: to bring to light the similarities in their beliefs and within themselves, the glistening white of the work is symbolic of a clean slate for which conversation can begin. By viewing multiple timeless philosophies through a contemporary lens; this work is a modern portrayal of spiritual practice emphasising that all our belief systems are simply a translation of the universal language of geometry which should be celebrated not discriminated.