February 5, 2020

Is following the instinct to survive always the best answer?

Charlotte Daniel

Short Film ScriptWe Were Never Meant To Survive, 2020

In our world at this present time, we are faced with our own mortality more than ever. From climate change, nuclear war and the outbreak of uncontrollable diseases, the zeitgeist tells us that our humanity is under multiple existential threats. That can play on our minds. Fear can paralyze and change us. As these threats become more substantial, I am terrified and intrigued as to how long we can hold onto our fragile societal values when reckoning with our own extinction. ‘We Were Never Meant To Survive’ asks: how far would you go to survive? Would you let your own human instinct prevail, to survive above all else? Or is the unique human experience of love and connection more important to us, even if it means certain death? How far can you go before your own life becomes unrecognizable? And will it be worth it in the end?