January 15, 2020

Is female sexuality oppressed today, post women’s liberation movement?

Ashley Wilson, 26

Women’s sexual liberation has become a patriarchal entitlement to sex – women are not free to explore their own sexuality, unless it is ultimately for male pleasure. This pleasure has become a man’s right during sex, and female pain the norm; a fact reinforced by society with a ‘grit your teeth and bare it’ mentality to losing virginity, which lasts for long after the first sexual encounter. Women are taught to put up with pain as a normal part of intercourse. This suppression of female libido and sexuality is controlling women’s ability to explore their full sexual potential, something so ingrained in our society, that women are afraid to seek orgasm with their partners as men do. By suppressing female sexuality, patriarchal society suppresses female power. This interactive art piece highlights these issues by empowering women to reclaim their sexuality, providing a space and giving permission to create individual pieces of exploratory art, which is forever changing and manifesting, as bodies enter the space and interact. These natural flora, fruits, milk, and honey to play with, are, all five, a sensory and uniquely individual experience, allowing audiences to explore their sensuality and discover female power in a curious exploration of the table.

2019Fruit, Flora, Milk, Honey