January 6, 2020

Is fantasy as important as reality?

Iman Hafizal, 16

There are three types of people, those who live in reality, those who live in fantasy and those who yearn for fantasy but live in reality. All three face struggles, but depending on which they are, they will counter those problems differently. You may hear one say, “If only I had done this previously.” Whilst the other might say, “I wish this hadn’t ever happened.” Reality and subjective idealism are linked by a close thread and depending on the person, one may control ones decision more than the other. In my entry I address the issue of societal values of perception. I wanted write about the desire or the need to focus on an idealistic world. Between those who focus on reality and those who focus on ‘fantasy’ the majority today is unknown. But it is seen in different personality types, and the Myers Briggs test is the closest we can get to analysing this. Even though the ‘fantasy’ percentage is high, those who focus on what could be are looked down upon. These people use it as a way to escape reality and cope. The pressure to be mentally perfect is ridiculous and can drive people to sickness or worse ailments, sadly.

"Diseased", 2020