February 3, 2022

Is Falling in Love Best Left to the Young?

Margaret Callaghan

LiteratureWhat Is Left, 2022

As you grow older you carry the wounds of your past. If you are to embark on a new relationship it will probably be from the perspective of knowing that romantic love does not always last, that passion is unlikely to be maintained, that people let you down or die or both. You have let someone see the best and worst of you and they have decided to leave. The person you thought was perfect, flosses their teeth with their hair and blows their nose on the pillow case. You might have given birth to someone’s children and that person now hates you. Knowing that, should you make decisions with your brain and choose companionship over chemistry?

Hopefully over the years you will also have gained compassion and wisdom. You will be more at ease with yourself, have learned from your mistakes and realise that people don’t love you for being perfect. I think that you can love at any age but can you fall in love?

This requires jumping and believing that you will be caught. In Roman mythology Cupid is depicted as a blindfolded child. My characters have chosen not to risk rejection again but should they have?