July 31, 2020

Is failure the enemy?

Veronica Garcia, 28

For the past almost three years, I have been attempting to finish my PhD dissertation, and unfortunately, finding myself failing miserably at it. I have come to the realisation that this is an issue that not only I face and that it is surrounded by undertones of taboo, uncomfortable silences, and pitiful stares. I found myself overwhelmed with all these feelings of emptiness and disappointment, not only by the standards I had built and compare myself to but with the judgement I would surely face from my peers. I believe most of us grew up in a world where failing is frowned upon and perhaps even punished. No one wants to find themselves admitting failure, and certainly, you would not be likely to catch someone bragging about it to someone else. I took this time and opportunity to take it back; to gather my thoughts and allow myself to accept defeat, to embrace the frustration and let it move through me until it is out of my body and I can build myself again on something new. I want others to know it is okay to fail, and it is only what you do afterwards that will define you.

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