February 1, 2019

Is enlightenment a destructive process?

Drew Hamilton, 20

It seems to me to be enlightened one has to tear down everything you thought about yourself. I was forced through this process when I was diagnosed with cancer last year. Immediately I entered another ‘world’- one I didn’t want to go but I had no choice. I was at the mercy of the doctors, nurses, heamotologists, cancer specialists and social workers. I was thrust into their world, there was nothing to prepare me, I felt stripped bare and vulnerable. It was hard to consolidate my new world with the fact that everyone else was carrying on with their lives regardless. The shopped, they worked and went on with everyday life. Could they not see that I was now in a different place?
As my painting evolved, I was inspired by the quote by Leonardo Da Vinci.
“I awoke only to find the rest of the world sleeping”.
This inspired me to show how I had changed irrecoverably, but others around me remained the same. Or worse, they blatantly continue in an illusion of their own making, without any insight or knowledge. I had to surrender to the acceptance that I was a new person. It was a hard path to endure however It allowed me to step out of myself to reconnect and re-evaluate life. I feel awakened to my deeper self.


Oil painting