Emotional pain. It comes in so many different forms, and we all go through it. Is it fundamentally a bad thing? To me the answer is clear. For most of us, emotions are at the root of our existence. They guide our actions and interactions. Sometimes, our emotions can cause upset, in the emotional lives of others. Pain is unavoidable. What mostly shapes our growth? I am no scientist and therefore cannot accurately answer this question. However, if I focus on my own personal growth, my own past, and look at my own poetry – I find that it is in times of pain and inner-turmoil, that I have had the moments of most enlightening self-reflection. My point is not that pain is always positive. Only that, through my own experience, I have acquired an appreciation for pain as a ‘trigger for change’. And whilst I am aware that this cannot be said for all experience, my belief is that – by engaging in self-awareness through emotional pain, we can actively encourage periods of personal-development. This particular poem is an articulation of an emotional journey of my own and communicates the value of pain, in relation to growth.