April 18, 2021

Is Digital Connection Taking Away From Human Connection?

Sophie-Louise Pywell

Acrylic paint‘Human Connection May Be Lost’, 2021A1 - 84.1cm x 59.4cm

My work explores technology and it’s effect on the human race. The past expected so much more of our present in terms of technology but what we really have is a crumbling eco system, dying planet, hatred across the world and negative effects of the digital world everywhere. Technology falls out of fashion and behind in the time so quickly but the natural world around us is our constant and what we truly rely on – although we have now come to see technology as the key to our society, it is not essential for living. The aim of my art from this project is to create a narrative that highlights how technology lies behind everything in our society at the moment. I aim to make people question whether we should rely on technology as much as we do. As the digital connection grows does the human connection decrease?