May 7, 2019

Is diagnosis the only way to validate and accept depression?

Is diagnosis the only way to validate and accept depression?

Akhila Potluru, 16

When you are being labelled as attention seeking or insane, the “right” kind of diagnosis means the difference between living a productive life and a life sentence.

A problem in our society is that we don’t listen to the problems of people until we’re given proof that there’s a problem in the first place. However once depression’s been diagnosed (and therefore validated by evidence) people ask “Why didn’t you tell us before?”

Yet when people choose to talk about their experiences before being diagnosed, their problems are invalidated. Why is our society so fixated on needing evidence before helping someone? Since when has being able to help someone needed a warrant in the form of a doctors note.

I used freezers poetry to allow me to have freedom with my words. The person “spilling their words onto the page” is them being able to finally talk about how they feel now that people are actually willing to listen.

I thought about the message of my piece. Is it necessarily true that people want evidence for depression before they help? But I decided that even if the issue affects one person, that is one more person than it should be.