Is death final? Is death the end? Or does life go on? Some people believe in God. Some people believe in religion. And some people believe in nothing at all. But can one find meaning or value in life when the end is really the end? And can one feel part of something bigger without religion or God to stand by?

The value of life should be that it is apparent. In the dark space of the cosmos, as we know it, life only exists on one planet. Ours. This fact alone should be cause for celebration. That life prevails. But for some, this solitude, combined with a lack of belief in an intelligent designer, can be a source of despair. And the image presented can be of a universe which is uncaring.

Meaning is born from belief. What we believe in gives us meaning. If death is final, then life is golden. Even without God or religion or an afterlife we can find value or meaning. The secret is to believe in those things about which we are passionate. Passion lights the soul. Our passion connects us to each other, to life and to the world around us.


Ultimately, Your Life Is A Tragedy
35 mm photography,
4 x 6 ” (Original),
1955 x 1375 pixels (digital counterpart)