March 22, 2020

Is Dance Art?

Simon Fox, 36

Dance has a different meaning to everyone. To some, it’s just something to do for fun on a Saturday night while they’re out with their friends. Others use it as a means to keep fit, utilising a beat to simply keep a rhythm in which to maintain their movement. But to many, dance is a way of life, they spend all of their time and passion practising, learning, and indeed hurting. Bending their bodies into impossible shapes, creating muscle memory for intricate and complex series of movements, to produce entertainment yes but is that all it is? A show for us to watch and then think nothing of? Or is dance more than that? These shapes, these movements, they can be used to imply emotion, action and intention, relaying stories without ever saying a word. So therefore if it’s possible to impart such deep, thought-provoking imagery through anything from a single pose to a full series of choreography, doesn’t that mean that dance is in fact art?

Dance of The Selkies, 2019Photography