April 29, 2021

Is Creation The Language of Solitude?

Paula Caffrey

Animation (Acrylic Paint, Pencil, Crayon and Charcoal on Paper)Alone, 2021

It is suggested that ‘aloneness’ is the most primitive state we encounter in life. The core focus of this work, therefore, considers what it really means to be alone in one’s own experience, whilst questioning the symbiosis of solitude and creation. It explores the concept that creation, consciously or inadvertently, is a response to solitary experience, emanating from an individuals overarching desire to communicate the inner world. For some, solitude provides a respite from the burden of interaction, enabling more access to idiosyncratic thought and opportunity for creation. Now, as we spend more time isolated, it has never been more important for our mental health to understand this basic state of human existence and find comfort and purpose in our solitude. This work focuses on moments of dancing alone, a particularly private and uniquely personal moment. Captured is the creativity of movement responding to solitude. Mostly joyous, it is punctuated by moments of thought and quietude, providing a visual silence that expresses the nuances of solitary experience. It presents the self within the self that initiates this creative expression – both the dance, and eventual piece of art. Painted frame by frame, the work itself was a labour of solitude.