January 15, 2020

Is compassion and empathy enough?

Irene Walker, 70

One’s right to freedom of speech, witnessing pain of human and animal suffering, redressing the balance of hurt and suffering – can we humans ever learn how to stop the avalanche of negativity, greed and selfishness or overcome the pain we inflict upon each other in our short lives? Can a better world be achieved here now on this earth? As a landscape artist, I can immerse myself in the beauty of our world, in its ever changing light and colour, seeking out beauty, peace and harmony, but on a human level, how can we maintain this when so much of what is happening in and around us in our world weighs so heavily, it penetrates our subconscious minds. Do we just blot it out to survive it? Is compassion and empathy enough?

Is compassion and empathy enough?, 2020water colour52cms x52cms