May 23, 2018

Is changing ‘unwanted’ into ‘desirable’ an answer to climate change?

Lucia Gasparidesova


The idea started when I was designing collection of three outfits. But I quickly realized that my income won’t let me continue because the most expansive bit was fabric. I did my research and came across upcycling. I didn’t like the idea of it first. Mainly because all the creations I could see, were poorly designed. And you could tell it’s upcycled. All I wanted was to create products that are still well designed and not affected by the fact, that I had to get upcycling involved in the process. And this is how we should approach the problems of climate change. It is an unwanted event happening and it’s very overwhelming. But Prolong approaches the challenge positively, regarding such a revolution as an opportunity rather than as a threat. Prolong tries to rebuild the fact about quality and it’s real value. The practice starts with an unwanted item and deconstructing its original shape into a brand new item with a new purpose. When it comes to buying, the final decision is always influenced by desire. And this is how we turn ‘unwanted’ into ‘desirable’ and solve the problem of the climate change at the same time.

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