January 31, 2020

Is Brexit still democratic?

Pablo Delgado

Painted plasterBreXshit, 201916 x 14 x 6 cm

Brexit is happening and has become a graphic example of how confused and divided society has become, how unclear and confusing policies are and, how they are shared and presented to the people. This sculpture aims to represent this politico-cultural situation. It is made of plaster and hand-painted, making several copies with the intention of placing them around the streets aiming to open a dialogue about democracy. The presented figure shows a middle-aged, white man with donkey’s ears and a surprised expression, looking to its right side, where a Brittish flag with the inscription: “Brexshit” appears on it. His arms represent the political parties; the left arm is weak and fragile, just the bone, without muscles and seems useless. The right arm isn’t present, like a ghost, we all denied its existence but is present, standing and leading and when we feel its presence we show disagreement and discomfort. A democratic system that doesn’t work in the same way to every member of society is doomed to fail. For this reason, the figure has defecated on himself, linking it to the flag and giving the title to the piece, trying to make a wake-up call for the viewer.