February 1, 2019

Is art our secret psychologist?

Amy Gospel, 19

Everyone has a mental health. But it’s a complex thing and often does it’s bad days hide behind a solid wall, opaque and bare. Only loneliness can see the other side, you. Just you. Well you think. Artists can see anything and everything they want. Creation has no limits, and it will destroy that wall if you let it. You have to let out what’s bad even if it hurts to let others see. Even if it’s painting a panic attack. How can you paint a panic attack? I painted electricity. Uncontrollable electricity in those harsh, mad , dynamic lines. Which my brother could then see.


Oil paint

Using Photoshop, I merged two of my portrait paintings together to accentuate the importance of the connection of two people.

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I aim to produce variety in my work, but always add in the feeling, and relate-ability. It’s amazing what multiple people can share, just by looking into one single painting. Your doing it yourself, but it’s the opposite of lonely.