December 8, 2019

Is art a real degree or the greatest practical joke on idiots?

hoh John, 39

When encouraged to be creative, produce unique outcomes so you can be an artist. The world needs you! Be Better than the rest, distinct from norm. Then why academically learning the same referenced books, listening to the same rehearsed lecturers – but expecting something genuine to arrive from a sheep-churning culture? As industrial, bored population screams for new artistic creations but economically provides only servicing and catering careers. Hypocritical Hypocrisy! True artistry is not learnt… I believe a relentless, passionate stubbornness to express from a subconscious door. Because that is the (true self) of purest uniqueness … hence all conscious art has been corrupted by modern day stimulations and pop culture politics “excrementing” out these self confessed artists all “posturing” fame is no longer a by-product of success. So, where are we as creatives? Shunned by the bickering completion, no space to hear thy self…thy creative core. True creatives hermit away, give up their expressions just to be a white-blue collar, because it’s easier to join the dinning of souls than to fight the devil. Bread meets butter and hence another year passed with raging regrets. My midlife crisis with a baggage of art degrees inside a storage unit of buried energies.

Abandoned Brain of an active mind..., 2010paper and any mediumMostly A4(s)