September 11, 2019

Is an internal deeper search for meaning ultimately pointless if we never discover the answers we want?

Robbie McHarg, 31

It is said that inside every person is a yearning for God. I believe we can substitute the word ‘God’ to simply mean a connection to something greater than themselves. Be that an organised religion, a more personal attachment to the universe or by being part of a collective mass or energy. Ultimately we as humans have an inherent need to belong. In these collated poems I have attempted to explore the ways in which we try and forge those connections and whether or not they can fulfil us in our journeys into ourselves. It asks if these connections can in fact consume us as people. Do we become so rooted to our sense of belonging that it becomes our only identity? Can we ever really ‘find’ ourselves? It can be argued that this deeply personal and unique journey is the most important one we shall take in our lives as we attempt to become ‘whole’ or even just the best version of ourselves we can be. Here I have tried to show aspects of my own journey in a way that others can hopefully relate to.

Abandoned Trips to the Land of Self-discovery, 2014PoetrySurrealism